Independent Agronomy Advice


Our agronomy advice covers fertiliser, seed variety, crop rotation and establishment. Crop protection products are selected from independent trials, which evaluate new varieties, new chemistry and agronomic practices, taking into account NVZ and environmental practices.

Farmer checking seedlings in sunshine
Farmer checking crops in field

Crop Nutrition


P K and Nitrogen requirements are tailored to individual fields taking into account field history and FYM that has been applied and is recorded using Planet Nutrient Management software (we can do this for you or advise on how to do it yourself). Planet download available from This is backed up with written recommendations based on RB209, FACTS qualified advisors, grain protein content and regular field inspections. Trace element requirements are monitored closely on a field-by-field basis taking into account variety requirements.

Field Walking / Recommendations


This takes up the majority of time but is necessary to evaluate and monitor the season by looking for disease and pest patterns across individual crops and varieties. This helps us target our recommendations for season, not what we should have done the previous year.

Advice given on Environmental Stewardship Schemes including ELS, HLS and Cross Compliance.

Farmer with tractor in field